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About  Us

Long story short

Hello my name is Bron Percy and I’m the owner at Erragon Virtual Assistance.

Back in 2010, after a very serious accident to someone close to me,  I came to the realisation that life is short and I was missing out on too much quality time with my family. Obviously I still needed to earn an income but I also wanted the flexibility to allow me to actively participate in my family’s life.

Having worked in various administration and marketing roles for almost thirty years, I had developed a wide range of skills and it occurred to me that I could continue to provide the same administration and marketing  support services  just as easily from a more convenient location. I got to work setting up my home office with everything I needed to provide virtual support and Erragon Virtual Assistance was born.

Pitching the idea of working as an independent contractor to my employer was a little stressful to say the least, but armed with a comprehensive list of all the benefits they could potentially enjoy (namely huge cost savings in terms of wages, training, and computer equipment to name just a few) , I set about convincing them that the virtual scenario was a win-win situation for us both. They could still expect the same level of service that they had always enjoyed just in a more cost effective manner,  and I could work at a time and place that made it easier for me to spend time with my family.

And so they became my very first client.

Over the years I have been lucky enough to be a part of some really interesting projects, from the design and production of digital magazines, to proofreading and editing authors first manuscripts. I’ve also been privileged to work with some remarkable people. Having this flexibility has meant that we, as a family, have been able to indulge our love of travel, experiencing diverse and wonderful cultures, and has given me the opportunity to pursue my other passion: photography.

We have the tools to help you

  • Diploma of Web Development
  • Diploma of Publishing (Professional Book Editing, Proofreading & Publishing)
  • Certificate IV Business Marketing